"MST Decentralize Robust AI Trading Platform and Automatic genetic AI builder on single click "

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Become a member and pay with your very own Membership card. With exslusive offers just for members, you will receive the benefit from MST Coins and 40% off for Co-Working Space and Training Rooms in Thailand and India! As we are expanding, more locations will be added soon from all around the globe!

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CRYPTO CURRENCY Very reliable feeds and real time tick data! Minimum Applies, and 0 % Bitcoin Trading Fee Exchange

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Discount on commission fee paid to MST Trading Application (Paid BY MST COIN) Condition Apply* to trade stocks and futures in Thailand and Indian Market (In January 2019) . Discount with MST COIN for MST Plugin to Amibroker For Crypto Currency ,Stocks and Forex , Discount to Purchase New Smart Trade Lab ( AI genetic) Analysis Platform for Stock market , Forex and Crypto Currency (build your Own Algo Trading System) and Trade on MST EXCHANGE. With Bitsmaap exchange, you can trade up to 5 different cryptocurrencies. The exchange also lets you buy cryptocurreinces through fiat currencies. Go through the bitstamp review and create an account today.


"MSTCOIN is making it profitable by charging only 0.10% fees on its standard trades"

Traders can make it even more profitable by investing in MSTCOIN ICO and avail a lifetime 0% BTC deduction on it all trades. It means that no BTC will be deducted in any of their trade for lifetime.

  MSTCOIN ICO investors: - 0% BTC deduction for lifetime (INVEST IN 10000 MSTCOIN TOKENS IN ICO STAGE). Investors who will invest in minimum of 10000 MSTCOIN tokens at the ICO token sale, will avail a service of 0% BTC deducted in MSTCOIN exchange for lifetime on all their trades.

  MSTCOIN is making Trading profitable Standard MSTCOIN fees: - 0.10% maker/ 0.10% taker. MSTCOIN charges only 0.10% maker 0.10% taker fees, which is lowest amongst all trading exchanges in Thailand and India.

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Get Paid by Referring your Friends


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Invite others via your referral link and receive compensation from all the trades they make!


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Receive 20% of all fees paid directly from users that you have referred in real time!



Your Success Is Our Success

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Zero Trading Fee

Lifelong Zero trading fee on conversion of MSTCOIN One of the attractive features of MSTCOIN is the zero-trading fee on margin and spot trading, which will aim to maximize the profits for all stakeholders.


100% Reserve

MSTCOIN guarantees 100% reserve It will also allow all online and offline wallet addresses to be seen for public audit, ensuring no embezzlement of the traders’ funds



( 2 FA) Login and OTP confirmations MSTCOIN requires two-factor authentication (2FA) to log in. Withdrawal of crypto assets requires an extra email and OTP confirmation to protect the crypto assets. This will provide an extra security on the user’s assets and prevent phishing concerns


Fully, Friendly and Tradable

  • • I-Back Testing
  • • I-Alerts to Line,Telegram,FacebookMessanger
  • • I-Auto Trading and I-Expert Advisors
  • • Single Sign-On for Simplified Integration
  • • Secure Customer Onboarding
  • • Automatic Trading System and Expert Advisor Developer
  • • Social Media Integration (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • • Advanced Pattern Recognition using Fuzzy Logic Copy Trader / PAMM Accounts Functionality
  • • Social Media Sentiment Analysis System
  • • Partner Manager for Affiliates and IBs
  • • Rule Based Cash Manager and Payment Processing
  • • KYC and AML Processes and Features and Plus,Much More...

Offline Mustig Wallet

Offline Mustig Wallet Security System: Every asset will be stored in an offline mustig wallet. About 90% of the assets will be stored offline, while the remaining 10% will remain online to allow faster deposits and withdrawal by the users. MSTCOIN will build a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with relevance to MSTCOIN's experience from Stock Exchange of Thailand and India's Stock Exchange Market


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